My scratch built  HMS Diana Quarterdeck  is in 1/35 scale.   The quarterdeck of a ship was  the command center where the captain and/or the officer of the watch would closely supervise the business of running a ship.  This model took me 261 hours and 33 minutes (in 55 days) to complete in the summer of 2006.  It won an award is San Antonio in Feb. 2007.


     Cannons and carronades were turned from brass rods.  The wood with the red color is bloodwood, the black is ebony and the yellow is boxwood.  Deck furnishing in brown are made of walnut.  Deck planks are made of basswood.  The gratings were made from boxwood.  Clicking on an image gives you a larger photo.

I wrote an article for Model Ship World on how I built this diorama. 
            If you would like to read the article and view the construction photos, click here.


     People say that I am really into my models, so I decided to "make" a photograph showing that to be true.  In the photo above and to the left, one can see me at the wheel of my HMS Diana quarterdeck.  I can safely say that most people do not realize how difficult it is to keep control of the wheel in rough seas.  The photo above and to the right was taken at Houston's Modelmania in March 2007.


     I decided to add more of a story to my diorama, so I added 4 additional figures.  In the latter half of the 20th century there was a television program entitled "You Are There."  This series tried to present historical moments as if you were there.  One episode dealt with Lord Nelson and the British navy.  I decided to add Nelson and a marine officer to my quarterdeck.  I also added a camera man and sound man to make the scene that a filming episode of "You Are There" is taking place on the quarterdeck.