Oliver Cromwell
colonial privateer
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part 1

    My wooden ship model of the colonial privateer, the Oliver Cromwell was completed on May 29, 2007.  It was built using various hardwoods (boxwood, apple, ebony, bloodwood, Indian laurel & walnut).  I built it in 1/48 scale and I used a timbering set from the Lumberyard and some of my own hardwoods.   


Oliver Cromwell:  Masts, Shrouds & Ratlines
part 2

The photos below were taken after 769 hours of work.


part  3 - the Standing Rigging


part 4 - The completed model.


My Oliver Cromwell was completed after 947 hours and 29 minutes of work.  I worked 286 actual working days on it.


   My wooden ship model of the Oliver Cromwell is built in 1/48 scale (1/4 inch to the foot).  This is the model I am planning on taking to scale model contests in 2008.