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Welcome to my web site highlighting my passion for building wooden ship models.
 My name is
Raul Guzman Jr.

      I have been building models for about 28 years and now that I have retired from a career of teaching Texas History, I have time to build to my heart's content.  I have built around 45 ship models or models dealing with certain aspects of a ship.  My models are in various scales and are made using various quality hardwoods.  I have taken 21 of my models to contests and they  have won, at last count, 89 awards over the years in scale model contests in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Grapevine, Little Rock, Port Arthur and Monterrey, Mexico.  On this page are some of the models that I have built in the last seventeen years and some of the ones you can see on my website. 


     I am now about four years into making web pages, and I am always working on some project, so I'm certain that my web site will greatly evolve as time passes.   I am currently building a 1/32 scale carrack.  It will be a large and heavy model that I will populate with about 20-25 crew members doing various sailing jobs.  Most of the models I have built are for my own pleasure, but I have built models for the Museum of South Texas History, the Texas Maritime Museum and collectors.  If you wish to contact me about purchasing one of my models or would like me to build one for you, call me at my home at (956) 686-5233 or cell (956) 566-4387  or write me at  Feel free to contact me just to talk, question or comment about my wooden ship models if you wish.    If you happen to come to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, let me know and we will see if it is possible for you to visit my gallery at my home in McAllen, Texas.  I hope you enjoy my site.  

Raul Guzman Jr.